Stone workshop – make your own souvenirs

Donji Humac 2-8 Person 4 Stunden ID: BR-TR-123

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Stone workshop – make your own souvenirs

Stone workshop – make your own souvenirs

We believe that every man is at least partly creative and therefore we give you the opportunity to experience this extraordinary experience. One of the oldest and most interesting crafts in the island of Brač is stone carving. First we will visit the quarry from which the stone is harvested for further processing. After this we head for Donji Humac, one of the oldest settlements on the island, where the prehistoric findings in Kopačina Cave, just above Humac, are still testifying about those times. This place is very famous for its stone masonry because it is surrounded with several quarries. It is interesting that from our Brač stone even part of the White House in Washington was built.

You will meet Jakšić family, renowned art family in Croatia. They will guide you through their big and small workshop, atelier and gallery. After that interesting introduction where you will learn about the history of stone carving at the island, the sorts of Brač stone and stonemasonry tradition it is time to roll your sleeves and to have some fun. In collaboration with the experts you will elaborate your idea which you will turn into a little stone masterpiece. So, let’s start!

Price per person: 750 kn

Price includes: guide, transfer, presentation and sightseeing of stone masonry workshop  and gallery, working with artists, lessons, materials for work, equipment for workshop

Duration: 3-4 hours

Min: 2   Max: 8