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Jaksic Galerien

Kunst, Geschichte, Kultur
Donji Humac ID: BR-TR-162

Jaksic Galerien

Jaksić Gallery - Donji Humac, island Brač

Jaksić Gallery is located in the family yard, surrounded by the workshops of each author. In it you can find the paintings of doctor of art Dina Jaksic, jewelry made of semiprecious stones combined with silver designed by Ida Jaksic, stone sculptures of the sculptor Lovre Jaksic, while the interior and exterior of the gallery are work of stonemasonry workshop which is in the property of Drazen Jaksic. He is not only a master of the craft, but also a designer with the idea. The gallery also contains a number of useful items made of Brač stone, and stone furniture which is an attraction itself.